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Slack: the largest investment platform in 2018

Slack: the largest investment platform in 2018

Slack: the largest investment platform in 2018

The Salack application helps colleagues communicate with each other, as well as many different options created by a company's main destination if they require higher communication between their employees. Hardware has grown completely over the past years in a very impressive way so far the amount of active users per day is eight million, and three million of them use the paid version of Slack.

These figures adopt Slack as the ideal destination for investment, so the investment measurement box is not off track, as is the recent investment announced by TechCrunch, this value is worth four hundred million or so, with a minimum valuation of $ 7 billion, $ 250 million in the valuation of $ 5, 1 billion dollars.

This round is a Diode by the alternative capitalist, the Atlantic General, with another new supporter, the Dragoner. According to the TechCrunch report, it is unclear whether different investors can participate within the krona or not.

The $ 400 million may be a huge figure in the world of investment, although it is the scale of Slack, which is in fact the most important investment obtained from Slack so far, as well as the size of the new investment emphasizes the strength of companies and their ability to compete even assuming that competitors measure Big companies, here we would like to mention Microsoft VICE Facebook.

In addition, Microsoft has released a free version of the Groups application to secure communication between the two teams, in addition to Facebook being an additional competitor in the same field. These giants have already attracted many key customers. Microsoft announced that two hundred thousand companies had served earlier. This year, Facebook was ready to attract some high-end customers such as Wal-Mart.

Financing is crucial in the context of a Slack war with large companies such as Microsoft and Facebook, and smaller companies, yet they need to be part of the market, yet they alone are not enough to use that money is the main criterion that forms the confrontation, In the near future.

Do you assume that Slack can rise to market speed or can deliver it to a different giant?