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Facebook: Is it like NSA?

Facebook: Is it like NSA?

Facebook: Is it like NSA?

Know that every limit you cut, every purchase you make, every decision you make, every tower you go through, a friend you keep, an article you write, a website you visit, a line subject you classify, That his guarantees are not. "

This is what Edward Snowden wrote to filmmaker Laura Poetras once he made contact with her in 2013 regarding the NSA tracking and intercepting systems. However, since Facebook came under closer public scrutiny after the 2016 election, Snowden's warning to Poitras reads that he is gradually excited (he likes him and finds him irresistible) to write about the social platform in addition.

We are currently aware of the unlimited access to data processing in Facebook. We all know that in the past, you still have to keep track of what you type - and delete - from their website, monitor the websites you visit, wherever you go (even when you're offline), record the apps that you and your friends have installed, and more . Somewhere, Facebook can reap your abundant cash skills.

We understand that Facebook will allow users to target contact data for the abuse of their advertising even when the site is selected. Jammu and Kashmir are also rumored about Gizmodo's business day. Facebook logs accounts and records related to trying to find a number, for example, a number next to the number you'll get in your contact data. Facebook allows advertisers to use this diversity to focus on a poster to "Latest News."

In alternative terms, we all know about Facebook's seemingly unlimited access. As of last week, we now have a tendency to be aware of the restrictions on their guarantees.

On Friday, at least 50 million Facebook users received a security message alerting them that their account had been hacked. Someone broke in, somewhere, the platform and managed to access dozens of different accounts. It was absolutely the biggest security breach in the history of Facebook.

According to Facebook, the hacker took advantage of a flaw that "allowed him to steal Facebook access codes ... the equivalent of digital keys that keep individuals from accessing Facebook so they do not have to access their positive accounts." Already, some users have initiated legal action against the class against the company, Citing "constant and absolute indifference" with Facebook choosing to "handle [personal information] with account holders."

People who need to know what they want to do a survey of themselves as another housing unit is currently registered.

The platform gap seems to have been somewhere between Facebook's "View As" code, which allows users to visualize their profile as if they were someone else. In addition to 50 million high-security accounts, Facebook also informs an additional 40 million people "under the process" of a show called "over the past year" so they can be affected.

What would this mean? Those that had previously needed to tell her what she wanted to survey herself as another unit in any other area being monitored. This time, by hackers.

It is a nice scheme anyway, despite the disclosure of Snoden, police investigation has become simply acceptable during the past two years. It's one thing we have a tendency to often engage in ourselves. We have become practitioners, rather than protesters.

Last year, within the recent Royal House pages, the easy survey questioned whether Facebook founder and director Mark Zuckerberg had any plan about what it was. He wrote in the survey: "Facebook has an adult and therefore a huge, and thus become a total, that our tendency can not understand everything directly." "Like a multidimensional object, we have a tendency to capture slices from it as soon as it passes through the three-dimensional world we have a tendency to recognize."

At the time, Zuckerberg embarked on a cross-country tour - most recently in a very large series of enormous annual aspects that he brings to himself (formerly the only meat-consumer characterization of animals that "killed himself") - that several crystal rectifiers to take a stand On whether or not he was designing the race in politics. Watch Zuckerberg act with ordinary people in every state, try to wipe back to control what he saw.

"If Facebook is bigger, newer and stranger than just a company, it is certainly the biggest, most recent and most expensive trip to Zuckerberg than a presidential trip," he wrote, before listing a long list of possibilities - including of course that "Facebook may be the state of police investigation" The Zuckerberg fills the role of "dictator's information tour institution."


Facebook needs to unite the people of the land - if not ideologically or politically - as a technological minimum. What…? By searching for the maximum amount that can be used for data misuse and attaching it to the alternative components of its network.

As Alex Bridle wrote in New Dark Age: Technology, terminating the long term, the NSA believes that "there is a little secret in the bowels of the globe that if only it is bright, it can create everything higher to get this secret, The maximum amount because it will, from several sources of implementation, under the impression that, for some purposes, it will all work to create a clearer and more recognizable globe.Planings may be avoided, thwarting terrorist plots.The total data equals total protection.

Facebook believes that there is a similar problem, with evolution. As Zuckerberg wrote in his statement last year, and highlighted in audacity, Facebook needs to "evolve